Technical information

Pressures indicated in this catalog are measured in relation to atmospheric pressure (relative pressure), and are expressed in [kg/cm2 ] or [bar] . In the case of vacuum, pressure is an absolute value and is expressed in terms of [Torr].

Vacuum scales


Linear scale
B. Logarithmic scale

1. Relative pressure 6. Secondary vacuum
2. Absolute pressure 7. Molecular vacuum
3. Industrial vacuum and above 8. Ultra vacuum
4. Industrial vacuum 9. Cryogenic vacuum
5. Primary vacuum 10. High vacuum

Pressure drop P
This is the difference of pressure between the upstream P1 and downstream P2 of the valve when the fluid is passing.

Differential minimum/maximum functioning pressure
It is the minimum, respectively maximum, difference of pressure between the upstream and downstream that ensures the perfect functioning of the device. Only pilot operated solenoid valves require a minimum differential pressure in order to function. This can be eliminated according to the design of the valve.