Global brand creating global advantage

Our concepts have revolutionized the world market of solenoid valves

IMI FAS is an innovative and hightechnology international company based in Geneva, Switzerland. IMI FAS is a recognised leader in fluid control solutions, specialising in miniature solenoid valve technology and Microfluidics. IMI FAS has built a unique reputation as a pioneering and innovative company with a passion for achieving excellence in sophisticated technologies.

A spirit of cultural diversity, combined with effective concept-sharing, confidence in experimentation and initiativetaking, encourages talent and leads to successful solutions.

Since the company was founded in 1971 IMI FAS has steadily evolved and expanded, and its continuous improvement has been recognised by many accreditations (ISO, INERIS, UL, VDE, SSIG).

IMI FAS is part of the globalIMI Precision Engineering group where it will continue to play a leading role in the development of advanced solenoid technology.

The company’s focus is on the fast-growing miniature solenoid valve market, with the majority of its sales serving 10mm and 15mm size applications. This represents an excellent fit with IMI Precision Engineering’s existing solenoid capabilities, complementing the larger sizes offered by its established IMI Precision Engineering and Buschjost ranges.